Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5

What a day! We finally have snow! At least for a little bit, then it turned to sleet. Spent most of the day shuffling the kids around to TKD & dance. I know it sounds like I complain about how I'm always driving them around, but it's priceless seeing how much fun they have! Ryu was doing lots of running & kicking & of course sparring at TKD today. Kira practiced her kicks & just kept smiling at her instructors. She loves goes because they treat her like a star. Everyone knows who she is since she's been there since Ryu started & she loves meeting new friends. It also helps that she plays up her cuteness & practically gets away with anything. She makes class fun for everyone!
However, I think Kira was tired by the time we got to dance. She was being a little diva, but after some coaxing she went right back to class & knew most of the routine for her recital in June. I can't wait to watch her! I just wish she'll be coordinated in TKD as she is in dance, so she can take her belt test in February!
The kids & I also enjoyed popcorn & a movie today. Glad we were able to have movie night before they go back to school. I enjoy these everyday moments with them & I'm trying to squeeze them all in before be go back to our normal routine :-)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4

Found a great idea for time outs from Pinterest, instead of "time outs" do "time ins". I thought that is a great idea! I have been trying new things to discipline Ryu, he's getting to the age when I tell him he can't play video games for the day, he's okay with it or him gaining time for video games, worked for a bit but it lost its use. Now for whenever he does something wrong, like throwing his toys, I make him practice the correct way 10 times. So far it seems to work. I also make him work on random workbook pages that are left over from the summer. At least it's a time out doing random stuff but learning too. As for Kira , I make her write her name 10 times, eventually she will learn more but she is only 4. I have been happy with the results. It's not always the same punishment. But they seem to dislike sitting down to do work, than losing time from playing, maybe sitting down doing work is more visual for them instead of saying they're losing time?! Well whatever it is thanks Pinterest! Lets see how long it lasts!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3

For some reason I am having trouble uploading a picture.
It's a picture of Ryu & Kira's toothbrushes. They have been asking for "tooth tunes", a toothbrush that plays music as you brush your teeth. It stops when after 2 min, the recommended time it takes to brush your teeth.
Since they have had it they have been brushing their teeth like 6 times a day. It's been great but since they use it so much the bristles are already getting worn!

Yeah I was able to upload it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2

I'm trying to be proactive and get on the ball with doing a photo of the day. This will help me in many ways, since;
1. It will help me remember what happened that day
2. Make my project life pages easier to do ( I was good up till May last year, and when I was playing catch up over the weekend, I totally forgot what I did! :/
3. This blog will be another record of events that I can go back to. Plus it's easy with the app on my phone to post to my blog

I have also deactivated my Facebook account. It seems like its become "who has the biggest bank account" lately, and I truly hate that you learn about some pretty major stuff on FB that really should be done in person. It annoys me when you ask someone how things are going and they respond " oh haven't you seem my FB?". Really!!!
I used to use it for record keeping for the stuff I do, and now I just realized I can do that on my blog. It doesn't matter to me how many friends I have or how many people liked my post or pic. If you want to k ow what's up with me, check out my blog. However , don't complain if you see pix if my kids each day, but this blog is for me and for them so they know what they were dpi g each day of 2013!

Ryu enjoying his last few days of Christmas break and Kira in her new hiding spot, Ryu's closet!

Happy New Year!!!

Now that I have kids, New Year's Eve isn't as exciting as it used to be, but exciting in a different way. I loved counting down with the kids and toasting in the New Year in champagne glasses filled with apple cider and sprite! Here's to a wonderful 2013!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baby M's Baptism

I had the pleasure of photographing Baby M's baptism.  A lot of the mom's family was from out of town, so she wanted to capture as many pics as she could with her siblings.  Dad has a pretty big family too, so I was pretty busy trying to get all the important shots in.  I had a blast and here's a preview of some pics, still need to sort through another 300!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Baby C!!!

I just missed his cute smile, but I love this little smirk !

 I had the pleasure of meeting this handsome boy for the first time!  According to mom, baby C is already rolling and trying to scoot at 3 months.  He's such a good baby!  He didn't like wearing clothes, but we were able to get a ton of great shots anyway with his cute little outfit, and mom & dad had to work hard to get him to smile.  Towards the end the little guy was just worn out and had to take a little nap!  Here's a few snapshots of this handsome boy!
Mommy had to work hard to get these adorable smiles!
He was so worn out after his photoshoot!